Digital Shopper Staff Picks of the Week!
Here are some of our personal favorite items brought to you by the staff at DigitalShopper! 



"I’m a huge gamer and this laptop has taken my gaming experience to another level!
It's super powerful and games load in no time! I love it because I can game from just about anywhere and have the best quality." -Mark

"This is the tool is so useful to me when deciding what to eat and tracking my macros. It is easy to use and is very precise! Other than tracking macros, it helps me with measurement for recipes which is great!" - Sarah

"This fondue pot is absolutely awesome! This set has multiple purposes. We love melting cheese for dinner and chocolate for dessert. The family experience makes this set totally worth it!" - Linda

"I am absolutely in love with this product! I use this product twice a week before I do my nighttime skin care routine. I usually use the warm steam to open up my pores then I cleanse my face and moisturize, once that’s done I go ahead and use the cool mist to close my pores. I have been using it for a month and my skin has gotten so much more clear. My acne has cleared up leaving me with a more natural glow. You literally feel like you're in a spa getting a facial. This product is a must-have!"  - Yasmine

"This has to be my favorite pick! I am really into playing sports and this bag fits all my stuff! I took it with me to a soccer tournament last week and was able to pack everything I needed including a soccer ball." - Pablo

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